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Preparing for your Session

Getting the most from your Newborn session

A bit of planning and preparation will help you get the most from your session.

A full, Sleepy baby for squishy poses

These adorable newborn poses that you love are easiest when your baby is full and sleepy.  Keeping your baby awake with a bit of extended play in the morning leading up to your session, plus a full feed just before your photographs, helps to lul your baby into a deep sleep. During the session I like to keep the studio quite warm to keep your baby comfortable and sleepy.

Dress your baby loosely 

When dressing your baby put the diaper on backwards if possible, this will help to easily remove it during the session.  Loose fitting wraps, Loose clothing with a zip no buttons and can be pulled down rather then over the head.  This will reduce disruption when pulled off.


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